Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well, I guess I should start somewhere. I'm Eric Sparks, zero-budget director extraordinaire. To this point I've made 4 films. All of them have been short films, and all of them have been made on basically a non-existent budget. In chronological order they are ....

9 (26min)

night has broken (8min)

The Boss (7min)

Amos (4min)

At this rate my films will be commercials before long.

Unfortunately I didn't grow up knowing I wanted to direct films. I often wish I had. I was a big fan of movies, but it never entered my mind to actually make them. Only after I was out of college did the urge hit me. Before this I had come up with ideas for films, but really more for just fun than anything else. One of these times I suddenly wondered why I couldn't actually make a film. So I wrote out the idea, wrote the script, got some friends to agree to be in it, and I was off making my first film -- 9. It was far too ambitious of a project, but it was a great learning experience. Since then I've cranked out 3 more films, hopefully improving with each successive attempt.

Please feel free to watch my work thus far and let me know what you think. astrophe.com Also, any film buffs who just want to talk about movies, or filmmakers who want to let me know about their stuff, please contact me.

Thanks, eric


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