Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back like elvis in '68

well.... it's now been over 2 years since i posted to this... how's that for keeping on the ball? i've been doing some film stuff since then... not as much as i should have.. but still...

i helped director bryan adkins shoot his film "eye of the beholder"... which i am, sadly enough, still editing. it was my first experience working on a film that i didn't direct. was intersting, and fun. i had never done any action before, nor worked with physical effects like blood. was a fun experience. plus i got to work with some really talented actors and actresses. that was fall 2007, though we had one last scene to shoot that we didn't get to until september 2008.

while we were working on "eye of the beholder", one of the people who came to help out was Beau Roberts. beau is an editor, and stop motion animator, and had shot some films in college. after helping on bryan's film, beau got the film bug once again and decided to do a project. it ended up being a feature length fantasy action drama called "isle of succession". i helped beau on that film pretty much all of 2008. was a great experience. got to work with lots of equipment that i had never worked with before, and i got to work with lots of talented people that i would have never met otherwise. was really fantastic. we shot all summer long... and into september. i was mainly only there on sundays, due to my work schedule, but i had a great time anyway. after that i spent quite a lot of time at DRM helping beau refine some of the edits... which was another first for me... i had never helped anyone else edit something.... was very cool. and i hope i was a help to him. since then beau has been diligently working... mostly doing sound editing... and he still has a ways to go... but as someone who's seen the whole film... i can tell you it's really really good. i can't wait to see the finished film with all the sound effects / visual effects / and music in there. will be awesome. www.myspace.com/theisleofsuccession


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